Friday, 16 January 2015

Most creative business cards ever!

Traditionally business cards were simple with black text on a white card. But the business cards of today are given much more thought. As this is the first thing that another person accepts from you it should reflect you and your brand prominently and leave a lasting impact. Following are some business cards with striking visual designs.

1. Yoga trainer business card

By: Marked for trade

2. Cheese grater business card
By: JWT, Brazil

3. Divorce lawyer business card

4. Yoga mat business card

5. Fitness trainer's business card

By: Leo Burnett, Dubai,U.A.E.

6. Seed packet business card

By: Jamie Wieck

7. Event photographer's business card

8. Picture frame business card

By: Piko, Moldova

9. Chair business card

By: Richard C. Evans

10. Classic rock business card

By: Fabio Milito Design, Roma, Italy

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