Friday, 14 August 2015

Bone Creative People.

Bone Creative People.

Or at least throw them a bone. If you see any at a park, museum, library, office or obscure live music joints, take a bone out from your purse or pocket or fanny-pack and carefully hand it to them. Because if you do, they’re going to commemorate your bone in a corner cave of their hearts to later channel into some form of obvious brilliance. In other words, they’re going to treasure it and manifest it in amazing ways. 

Talk to them. Approach that song-writer, graphic designer or dancer in your local community and share a conversation. It will either be a very profound one or a very meaningless one. Nonetheless, you’re bound to take away from it something that is the farthest thing from small-talk. 

Hire them. They notice everything and they can work odd hours (they’re awake anyway). They can find novel (easy) ways to do something or avoid doing something. They’re good with communication because they work hard on those abilities so their jokes can invoke non-pity laughs. So you are assured of a job done overnight and job done using innovative means. And you get some good laughs. Need more reasons to hire them? Here’s the most important one- They’re unemployed.

Love them. Dating a creative person will not get you going to fancy dinners at 5-stars in an Audi or a BMW. They will pick you up in a Mitsubishi or a Chevrolet and take you to a house party, or a jazz night where you might just experience the unimaginable- have a good time. Love for them is a laser quest. Do not be alarmed if they squeeze months of romantic and carnal gestures into one outstanding evening. It’s just the way they’re wired.

Spend time with them. If you do, you’ll find yourself doing things you hardly ever do. Like dancing, or cooking, or spending a full weekend sitting around and reading. They make great travel partners as they are willing to go long distances for food. They’re the ones who will introduce you to the pleasures of discovering obscure music, long nights under the stars, the beauty of the written word and numerous kinds of inexpensive alcohol. Either way, you’re bound to have some experiences you can narrate someday with a smile, almost like they’re fond memories. 

So i would suggest you start collecting and gift-wrapping all the bones you can find. Chances are, after you’ve had your taste of them, you wouldn’t want your bone back. Or you’ll bone them back. 

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