Wednesday, 27 August 2014

Making of Astral Runner Book Cover Design

Designing the cover for Amar Sir’s book –Astral Runner was a challenging and refreshing experience, one that we will always relish.  After going through the book, we completely loved it and were left in awe of his writing. We were really glad that we were given such a big responsibility and we were aware that we had to do justice to the book by providing an equally amazing cover which was mystic, enthralling and alluring. After a lot of brainstorming, we zoomed in on the concept, of creating the look of the protagonist which wasn’t too ghostly yet at the same time uncanny, one that would complete the feel of a soul carrier. Then came the tough part, of getting the look perfect. The photo shoot was amazing fun. We decided to keep a hooded person, wearing full body armour holding a wooden staff which depicts the perfect look of a soul carrier and adds ghostly chills to the cover. We added the red element to make the look more realistic and at the same time classy, thus creating the perfect look for ‘The Chosen One’. The background setting was again decided after another brainstorming session. We decided to make a graveyard background for the back cover as bodies are carried and buried in graveyards. The title of the book was also designed using a very tribal and medieval style which lent to developing a supernatural and mystic feel. Finally, we clubbed all the elements together and managed to create a book cover which was exactly according to our imagination. A book cover which has a supernatural essence. We got an overwhelming response from Amar Sir who loved the design on our first attempt and approved it without any amendments.

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