Tuesday, 12 August 2014

Pass It On! .. Coming soon!

I'm sure most of us have heard that really catchy Hindi phrase "khushiyaan baatne se hi bhadti hai"! So here we are with our new brand of cards to make everyone realize the importance of happiness. Pass It On is a very youthful concept aimed at spreading smiles and laughs. Gone are those days when you walk out of those big shot galleries with some of the most pocket pinching cards! What if you could get some of the funniest and kinky cards at the price of peanuts? Why wait for a birthday or anniversary or any other event to give your loved ones a card? Why can't we just give our friends or family or even a stranger a card with a funny yet meaningful quote written inside that will light up their day. Let's break-free from the monotonous and stereotypical system of giving cards only on occasions and give a new meaning to the tradition and importance of cards altogether. Pass It On soon hits the city of joy with its delightful collection of cards to spread that ear to ear smile and make all of you roar with laughter. So folks, it's time to multiply your happiness, divide your sadness, add smiling faces to your lives and subtract rather delete all the negativity. Till then Keep Smiling and Pass It On!!

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