Tuesday, 5 August 2014

The Pearl Wall!

We at Pearl enterprise give our customers all types of designing solutions. We are one-of-a-kind graphic design house. We wanted the “Pearl Wall” to be something that would represent us, our work and our attitude towards our profession. It had to be very distinctive and unique. Thus, our creative team got together to pool in all their ingenious ideas and concepts to come up with something artistic, expressive and truly entertaining. The team, after a prolonged discussion, popped up “THE IDEA” that was soon molded into something completely mesmerizing. The Pearl Wall would be reflective of all the typical questions, we as a team have experienced in our journey. Comments and phrases like “‘anyway you are the designer, you would know what to do!’ and ‘use the logo, it’s on my facebook!’ ” left us flabbergasted. Once the idea was selected, it was a clear sailing to finalize the content. All the sentences and phrases poured in.
The Pearl Wall was eventually fabricated with the title “what not to say to us”. It not only depicts some of our “not so pleasant” experiences, but also conveys our message very subtly. It is funny, yet communicative of what we don’t expect our clients to ever say.
The creation of the pearl wall has become a laughter therapy for our team. Now, if any client says those exact words or something similar, it doesn't agitate us anymore. On the contrary, we try hard to suppress our laughter; This becoming our little, private, inside the pearl joke.

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