Thursday 13 November 2014

Top 10 Packaging Ideas from Around the World

In this world of extreme marketing, packaging is a key feature which can take any brand past its competitors to give them a definitive edge. Creating an eye-catching packaging design that can be reproduced for years is a real challenge, as we often consider the products we use and their packaging to be two separate things  - the product being the thing we want, and its packaging a piece of trash which is to be thrown away.

In this article we will take a look into some of the best packaging designs around the world and the way they complement and enhance the product they were designed to carry.

Tea Hangers

Designed by Soon Mo Kang

 Gnome Bread Packaging

Designed by Lo Siento Studio

Kiss – Fruit and vegetable puree

Designed by Alexandra Istratova

 Note Headphones

Designer: Corinne Pant

 NYC Spaghetti

Designer: Alex Creamer

 Creative Japanese Pastry Packaging

Designer unknown

Origami Beer

Designed by Clara Lindsten

 Blood of Grapes Wine Bottle

Designed by Constantin Bolimond

Green Berry Tea

Designed by Natalia Ponomareva

Pink Glasses Wine Bottles

Designed by Luksemburk

Smirnoff Caipiroska

Designer by JWT

Cheers to Creativity! Cheers to Life!

Thursday 9 October 2014

Samsung vs iphone

Kudos to Marketing team of Samsung Mobile for this witty campaign! _/\_
#MadOverMarketing #Iphone6bend


Good Branding is Good Business

No matter how much we're into work, we can't get over our favourite classics. This is what happens when your profession is your passion. Here's presenting our take on these classics!

Adapted from: The lord of the ideas

Adapted from: Eternal Sunshine Of The Spotless Mind
Adapted from: The Advertiser

Adapted from: Pretty Woman

Adapted from: Breakfast at pearl

Sunday 14 September 2014

Always a Pearlite!

My experience at Pearl has been one HELL OF A JOURNEY! It, by all means was a major turning point of my life. A month that changed my entire lifestyle, outlook towards life and that made me discover my career path! It was my first job ever. My very first corporate exposure and a life changing opportunity. I made sure I made the most of it. It is next to impossible to pen down my feelings for this second family of mine, so here is a vain attempt to come up with something close. Before moving on to what I learnt and how much I owe Pearl, I want to write something which may sound more like a thank you speech but I guess I really need to thank each and everyone who has made this experience so relishing and memorable. To start with, my “SUPER COOL, YO MAMA, I’M THE SHIIZ ‘BOSS’” You indeed are the shizz Pallavi Di. It was an honor working with you (My audacity to write something like this for a ‘boss’ makes the nature of the bond that I share with you very evident). The reason why I put the word “boss” in quotes is to implement immense sarcasm because you have been nothing like a boss. You are the coolest and the most adorable person I’ve ever met. Always encouraging, helpful and friendly from the very first day. You make work enjoyable and fun and when you’re not in the office everything is so laid back and boring. You breathe life into Pearl. ( I guess, I’m flattering you way too much but this is the TRUTH)! I’ll be forever indebted to you for making me realize what I’m capable of. I never knew I could write so well and that this is what I want to do in life. This is what gives me pleasure. And of course, the constant public appreciation (“She’s one of the best content writers we have”) I’ve got from you has been overwhelming. I wasn’t used to this at all. It always pushed me over the edge to accept challenging write ups and execute them to the best of my abilities. All I wanted was to perform upto your expectations. (THANK YOU SO MUCH). Moving on, two of my favourite colleagues (that’s too formal a word though) Sushmita di and Sonjoyy (Sanjay)  da, both atleast half a generation older to me. People like them made my one month full of madness and never-ending fun! Their constant “Sakshi mat jao na, kya hoga mera!”, “December mein pakka aana” and “ Tum kuch nai seekhe ho ek mahina mein, Abhi atleast two months aur rehna padega” as my internship was nearing an end made me wish I could extend this an stay back. Yes, I miss it all! These 30 days have been the best days of my life. New people, new environment, the amount of love and blessing each one of you have showered on me, it’s been gratifying. I’m so glad I’m a part of this family. 

The faith that everyone showed in me and my skills made me identify what I’m really meant to do in life. Taking the next big step in life isn’t an easy step but I’m lucky to have had such a wonderful team who have made this decision of mine worthwhile and given me so many memories to cherish. Working with a team of mixed age groups helped me understand different mindsets and integrate myself with the team very smoothly. It is an essential quality which I developed thanks to Pearl. Currently, even though I’m not working with them, I’m posted with all the major events and I do visit office once in a while to meet and catch up on old times.This internship has helped me grow and learn a lot and I’ m looking forward to rejoin in December and Rock Again!  :P


Monday 8 September 2014

Coolest Logos!

A company always needs a logo. God might have forgotten to put this in his commandments but we know we need it and can't survive without them in this rat-race to get on the top. From condoms to cakes, newspapers to laptops and school to malls; they are a part of our life. In this post we'll take a microscopic look at some witty and impressively crafted logos of this generation.

1. Seeds - Designed by Dotflo
     The letters look like little seeds, and letter “d” is already sprouting up.

2. Yoga Australia 
     Woman is making a pose that forms the Australian continent between her leg and her arm.

3. Orange cat - Designed by Grabarz
     Letters “O” and “C” form a cat.

4. Mummy - Designed by Hemisferiod
     The whole logo looks like a lying mummy.

5. Shocked – Designed by Fogra
     The socket’s expression says it all.

6. Book Cover Cafe – Designed by Macarotti
     The book is shaped like a cup of coffee.

7. Fuck – Designed by Karl Design
     A bit provocative logo against nazism and racism.

8. Ass - Designed by Bitencourt
    The letters of the word are designed to look like a human butt.

9. Michael Jackson Tribute Logo – Designed by BBDO Düsseldorf, Germany
     Moon walk of MJ

10. Golf – Designed by Type08
       Logo for the golf outing promotions in Nevada, USA.

11. Steps - Designed by Jason Sanzone
       The letter "e' is made to look like steps of a staircase.

Wednesday 27 August 2014

Making of Astral Runner Book Cover Design

Designing the cover for Amar Sir’s book –Astral Runner was a challenging and refreshing experience, one that we will always relish.  After going through the book, we completely loved it and were left in awe of his writing. We were really glad that we were given such a big responsibility and we were aware that we had to do justice to the book by providing an equally amazing cover which was mystic, enthralling and alluring. After a lot of brainstorming, we zoomed in on the concept, of creating the look of the protagonist which wasn’t too ghostly yet at the same time uncanny, one that would complete the feel of a soul carrier. Then came the tough part, of getting the look perfect. The photo shoot was amazing fun. We decided to keep a hooded person, wearing full body armour holding a wooden staff which depicts the perfect look of a soul carrier and adds ghostly chills to the cover. We added the red element to make the look more realistic and at the same time classy, thus creating the perfect look for ‘The Chosen One’. The background setting was again decided after another brainstorming session. We decided to make a graveyard background for the back cover as bodies are carried and buried in graveyards. The title of the book was also designed using a very tribal and medieval style which lent to developing a supernatural and mystic feel. Finally, we clubbed all the elements together and managed to create a book cover which was exactly according to our imagination. A book cover which has a supernatural essence. We got an overwhelming response from Amar Sir who loved the design on our first attempt and approved it without any amendments.

Saturday 23 August 2014

Doodle Fun!

Doodles are always amazing and fun! We, at Pearl Enterprises are always on the lookout for crazy artwork, creativity and designs to blog and share with our readers. These doodles are made using stuff lying around the studio and simply redefine “creativity”.Below are some of the most ethereal and shizzy doodles which left us awestruck and drooling for more!


Tuesday 12 August 2014

Pass It On! .. Coming soon!

I'm sure most of us have heard that really catchy Hindi phrase "khushiyaan baatne se hi bhadti hai"! So here we are with our new brand of cards to make everyone realize the importance of happiness. Pass It On is a very youthful concept aimed at spreading smiles and laughs. Gone are those days when you walk out of those big shot galleries with some of the most pocket pinching cards! What if you could get some of the funniest and kinky cards at the price of peanuts? Why wait for a birthday or anniversary or any other event to give your loved ones a card? Why can't we just give our friends or family or even a stranger a card with a funny yet meaningful quote written inside that will light up their day. Let's break-free from the monotonous and stereotypical system of giving cards only on occasions and give a new meaning to the tradition and importance of cards altogether. Pass It On soon hits the city of joy with its delightful collection of cards to spread that ear to ear smile and make all of you roar with laughter. So folks, it's time to multiply your happiness, divide your sadness, add smiling faces to your lives and subtract rather delete all the negativity. Till then Keep Smiling and Pass It On!!

Monday 11 August 2014

10 Coolest and Most Creative Billboard designs!

We always want to keep our readers posted with some of the funkiest and kicky articles on creativity and designing. These stuffs define “out of the box”. How often have you been awe-struck by a billboard?Billboards are the coolest form of advertising. Making them in the most prolific way is a cherry on the cake. An advertiser knows he’s a winner the minute his ads are successful in bewitching his audience, leaving them wonder “how the hell on earth is this even possible”?
Listed below are the 10 most enthralling and mesmeric billboard designs:










10. NIKE:

Saturday 9 August 2014

Interning at Pearl!

I had worked as an intern in Pearl Enterprises for a month. It is not merely a company for me, but a place that strengthened my base as a Photoshop designer and gave me exposure to a professional environment. My experience at Pearl cannot be explained in words. I have a felt distinct change in myself post this internship. It has boosted my confidence in terms of my personality as well as my knowledge about the software. My colleges were friendly and helpful. I got the opportunity to learn something from each one of them. They were very cooperative and also helped me in understanding and executing my work better. They were not like those typical seniors. On the contrary, they were very friendly and made me feel comfortable as everything was new to me. My head, Mrs. Pallavi Jain Jalan is an amazing person. It was an absolute pleasure working with her. To my surprise, or maybe I was just extremely lucky to get a friendly and encouraging boss like her. She made sure that we learned something under her. She would personally guide us and treat us all equally. I never felt like I was working under her or for her. She also taught me some really cool tricks for social media. I am glad that I got the opportunity to work at Pearl Enterprises. After Graduation, I’m looking forward to getting the pleasure of working with everyone once again.
-Neha Roy

Friday 8 August 2014

Ten most controversial vintage ads that will make your eyes pop out!

Advertisement, as we all know, is all about communication in which the message should be crisp and clear of its purpose. The advertising world has come a long way. Can you imagine ads on racial discrimination, chauvinism (particularly male chauvinism), or something as grave as mocking religion? Of course not! To much of our surprise or disappointment, whatever you may choose there was a time where all of it was prevalent in the glamorous world of advertising. Yes! There were no barriers or borderlines to creating an ad. However, once you see the ten most controversial vintage ads you will surmise how drastic a change the ad industry has undergone, especially in terms of their perception toward racism and women. It also tells us a lot about the outlook and mindset of not only the ad-makers but also the audience. They were the ones who encouraged orthodox and conservative ideas and perceptions because they shared the same thought process. These vintage ads are a reminder of how much we have advanced with time and how liberal and human we are now!  

Let's leaf through the ten vintage ads that would surely be banned today: