Friday 13 November 2015

Fun Fad At Pearl

Starting from home for an interview at Pearl Enterprises it was  a heart in the mouth packed journey till I arrived on the 3rd floor and entered the office. The ambiance inside like a magic wand metamorphosed me into a carefree butterfly! Literally? Don’t get too serious about it. Before I had stepped inside, there was an image of a serious pin drop silence zone at Pearl Enterprises in my mind. Wondering  how would I manage to work in an all work and no play zone  a surprise awaited the moment I stepped inside the office. All laptops and desktops turned on in the operational mode with colorful images inviting the attraction of a newcomer. Later I came to know that’s called ‘social media marketing’; looks interesting I told myself but more interesting was the song  playing in the background. What? ‘Song’? I mean music being played at work? Pinch yourself till the envious reality hurts you to what it takes to be jealous, for I’m talking about a true world-world inside Pearl Enterprises. Pretty enthusiastic bunch of people wearing not so serious look on the face but all seriousness and dedication showing up in their work.So my somber mood transformed into a normal one for I realized I had not dropped into an all aliens island. A majority of girls at work in Pearl - so now you can agree girls are more creative than guys. Jokes apart, it gave a serious moral boost to my not so serious female ego. Work is not about the serious look you wear on the face but the level of dedication your work shows. Coming to Pearl everyday feels like you come home from another home where a jovial family awaits to make work all fun.