Tuesday 23 May 2023

Neon Fitness for the Youth

Benefit is an unconventional fitness center which specializes in strength and conditioning routines, yoga, HIIT Burnout, dance fitness, mix martial dancing, meditation and muscle hypertrophy.

When they approached Pearl Enterprises to design an advertisement campaign for them, we thought it was a fun task to find their visual identity, as such a fitness center had never existed in Kolkata previously.

Our target audience for the campaign was the youth who thrives on energy, working out and being trendy in all aspects of life. As we were brainstorming ideas to attract the youth to this campaign, we were then struck with the idea- NEON.

The youth resonates with neon which they consider to be a ‘vibe’ and cool. It is trendy and youthful. The youth is also a fitness fanatic, who love going to the gym and keeping up with trends in exercises. Neon colours are stimulating and energetic and those are exactly the benefits of working out.

So, we at Pearl Enterprises thought of adding the two together and making the ultimate combination for Benefit’s advertisement campaign, where fitness meets trends. Thus, the advertisement we have designed incorporates the themes of ‘trendy’, ‘youthful’, ‘cool’, and ‘energetic’. 


Monday 22 May 2023

A Visual Tale of Diamonds & Festivals

India is one of the oldest civilisations in the world and a kaleidoscope of multicultural experiences. India celebrates a plethora of festivals with great fervor and zeal.

In India, gifting jewellery on different occasions has been an age old tradition, passed down from one generation to the next. It is an expression of appreciation for the receiver.

Pearl Enterprises identified festivals as a great opportunity to maximize the visibility and reach of our client’s products. We created a campaign centered around beautiful handcrafted diamond jewellery with the theme of festivals, highlighting our client’s products and how they can be great gift ideas. We think that every opportunity has a cost and don’t believe in wasting it. Therefore, instead of preparing a simple festival wish we maximized on this opportunity to merge our client’s products along with theme of the festival and create a visual identity. In this way we were able to showcase our client’s products to their audience and thereby connect their festivals and the gift of jewellery which would bring the essence of every festival into their look. This advertisement campaign combines the two age old concepts- Jewellery and Festivals. Which have a lot of similarities, as both are symbolic of love, prosperity, culture and heritage.

The advertisement campaign Pearl Enterprises has designed for Khater Jewellers incorporates the themes of ‘tradition’, ‘grandeur’, ‘love’ and ‘prosperity’.