Monday 19 December 2016

How important is Social Media today?
  Social networking is known to be very beneficial for businesses these days. It is the easiest and fastest way to promote your business across the world. If you are looking for a good marketing strategy to market your products or services, you can use these networks as an important tool for marketing and expect an increase in sales when you start using social media for business.
Social Media Marketing encourages Social Listening, Engagement, and Collaboration. Most importantly, it adds another dimension of collecting Analytics, very quickly. Social media marketing allows you to reach out a large set of online audience base. You can easily get in touch with the targeted audience and potential customers. Social media is a great platform to interact with the clients and online communities. You can advertise in the online communities and groups. Social media marketing gives you a good opportunity to offer quick responses to your clients.
Online interaction helps you to spread the necessary information about the company’s services and products. You can create brand awareness and give proper exposure to your business. Advertising through social media websites is considered to be a cost effective method to reach out to your audiences.
Whether you’re a small business or a large enterprise, social media marketing can surely help your business reach new heights. You can plan an effective social media strategy and create a viral buzz in the online world. You can also maintain good relationships with your clients.
Social media is an outstanding marketing channel in today’s world. As the trend of Online marketing is growing at a jet speed, it is important that your business is exposed to the social networking websites.

One of the major benefits of social media is high conversion rates. It is much easier to convert the potential customers or followers to your final consumers. They  work with our every client to understand their business, the audience they are targeting and create a customized strategy. More than often, this strategy complements their current marketing efforts and campaigns. If you are looking for some support in getting started, Pearl enterprises, a logo designing company or in better words an advertising agency in Kolkata; promises to fullfil all your advertising needs by using excellent branding techniques and tools, social media marketing, search engine optimization requirements and moreover provide you with myriads of designing tactics say, graphics design, book cover design, corporate identity design, business identity design, web design in Kolkata.

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Sunday 18 December 2016

 What is Advertising?
Advertising is a potent vehicle which includes imagination, creativity, concepts, ideas and innovation to promote new products and remind about changes in the old one. Advertising means selling but for this one need a creativity of mind with the work of beauty and art. Advertising is actually the most powerful tool of promotion, apart from personal selling and sales promotion.
Advertising can be said both powerful and magical. We can find that people of the society have tremendous impact of advertisements. In today’s fast moving media driven world it plays a vital role in customers’ mind and sentiments. So advertisements reach to them through the route of emotion which is a powerful one in advertising.  
The different advertising medium are-
       ∙  Newspaper
       ∙  Television
       ∙  Radio
       ∙  Magazines
       ∙  Internet

Advertising creates magic by the ‘power of word ‘which leaves an image on the mind of the customers. ‘Words’ not only control the minds but it also changes the viewpoints completely and help the customers to climb the ladder of inquisitiveness. If advertising is shown with the combination of words along with something new factor highlighted then it bring a favorable response of the consumers. Also, building of brand image through advertising is important as brand always lives in the memory and hearts of the customers. Companies and customers can share a strong bond of relationship through branding. Promoting public relation is one of the greatest ways to form a brand because it only helps customers to understand a company and its products. To create a good brand and its effectiveness is a long battle although it makes selling easier. 
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