Saturday 31 January 2015

Copywriter vs Art Director, the war continues..

Copywriters and Art Directors are the two pillars of an agency. They may work towards a common goal, but as creative species they are poles apart!
Art directors Caio Pena and Henrique Parada and copywriter Leticia Hanower, highlight these differences in the following innovative and quirky illustrations.

The Brush

Copywriter Vs Art Director: Illustration - 1
The file
Copywriter Vs Art Director: Illustration - 2
What the client wants from usCopywriter Vs Art Director: Illustration - 3
Starting from scratchCopywriter Vs Art Director: Illustration - 4
The colorsCopywriter Vs Art Director: Illustration - 5
 The softwareCopywriter Vs Art Director: Illustration - 6
 The reason for our angerCopywriter Vs Art Director: Illustration - 7
The appCopywriter Vs Art Director: Illustration - 9
 The moleskineCopywriter Vs Art Director: Illustration - 10
 Reading timeCopywriter Vs Art Director: Illustration - 11
 How do we know pop cultureCopywriter Vs Art Director: Illustration - 12
 Leaves office atCopywriter Vs Art Director: Illustration - 13
 Social network preferenceCopywriter Vs Art Director: Illustration - 14
 The tattooCopywriter Vs Art Director: Illustration - 15
 The birthday wishesCopywriter Vs Art Director: Illustration - 16

Friday 16 January 2015

Ad placements gone horribly wrong!

When it comes to advertisement placements companies double check everything before it is published. However sometimes after the ad is released strange things happen and in some cases the results are hilarious. Check out a few of such cases below and prepare to LOL!

1. Starbucks sucks

2. Don't let them in

3. Shell

4. Shameless health tricks

5. Take action take control

6. Les Miserables

7. Nestle dumpster

8. Oops

Most creative business cards ever!

Traditionally business cards were simple with black text on a white card. But the business cards of today are given much more thought. As this is the first thing that another person accepts from you it should reflect you and your brand prominently and leave a lasting impact. Following are some business cards with striking visual designs.

1. Yoga trainer business card

By: Marked for trade

2. Cheese grater business card
By: JWT, Brazil

3. Divorce lawyer business card

4. Yoga mat business card

5. Fitness trainer's business card

By: Leo Burnett, Dubai,U.A.E.

6. Seed packet business card

By: Jamie Wieck

7. Event photographer's business card

8. Picture frame business card

By: Piko, Moldova

9. Chair business card

By: Richard C. Evans

10. Classic rock business card

By: Fabio Milito Design, Roma, Italy

Art Attack!!

French artist and sculptor, Gilbert Legrand, could always see faces in everyday things, be it a spray bottle or a tap. Even as a child he would invent toys out of kitchen utensils. Now 60 years old Legrand has started putting his characters to life. He takes regular items from around the house, such as scissors, pliers and brushes, and turns them into a completely different character with his imagination. Check out some of his very cool illustrations below.




The Beauties of Lux

Establishing itself as ‘the’ soap for beautiful ladies, Lux has always had the most prominent ladies of Indian cinema promote it through the ages.

  • Leela Chitnis was the first ever lady to feature in the brand's ad in 1941.

  • Next came the dum maro dum girl, Zeenat Aman. She was all the rage in the 80s and every girl wanted to follow her style.

  •  Madhuri Dixit ruled the 90s. The dhak dhak girl wooed the nation with her beautiful looks and dancing skills. She was the dream girl of everyone and Lux used this very idea to their advantage when they roped her in.  

  • Stepping into the new millennium Lux boasted of ex Miss World Aishwarya Rai Bachchan as its brand ambassador. Known all over the world as the most beautiful woman, the brand could not have gotten a better face for itself.

  •  From the new crop of actresses Lux picked Katrina Kaif as its new face. Known famously as lady luck, she elevated Lux to a whole new level. 

Sunday 11 January 2015

Humorous Print Ads from Around The World!

Print ads are one of the hardest platforms to execute as your message has to be delivered to the customer in just a single image. It should catch the customer’s attention in one look and communicate its message easily. The attention span of people is getting shorter every day hence the task of making engaging print ads is becoming more tedious and challenging.

In this competitive market making a humorous ad which touches the customer’s funny bone is a sure shot way of getting noticed and leaving a strong impression. We at Pearl found some of these print ads from around the world to be the most humorous ever!

1. Garnier Fructis – Switzerland

2. Stihl chainsaws – Belgium

3. Pocket Pies

4. Pepsi Light

5. WMF

6. Career Builder

7. Tesa

8. Utopolis Group of Cinemas

Utopolis, Group of cinemas: Titanic

9. Fresh Step Cat Litter

10. Coca-Cola Light