Monday 7 December 2015

Pearl Enterprises is Spreading Warmth this Season

‘Holiday Season’,aah!You got that glee on your face.Yes we are entering December,the month of joy and merriment power packed with parties and celebrations. Let’sconsider a slice of the big party and dining hub in the city of Kolkata itself.Park Street is soaked in the spirit of Yuletide for celebrating the festival of Christmas since the dawn of early December.There’s arrangement of live musical performances,the streets are brightly lit to add to the glory of the grand affair.However, the paradox exists not too far from the alleys of Park Street.There remain a group of people untouched by this mirth.They never go on holiday from begging alms.They are self employed 365 days round the year,irrespective of all festivals,celebrations and age.But yes when the seasons of fun and frolic come,that urges a hope for some extra income to them.There is a large section of the society that ever lives the life of underprivileged which goes apparently unnoticed. To make the unnoticed noticeable Pearl Enterprises contributes towards helping such needy and abandoned people. We take pride in being associated with Wishes & Blessings,a Delhi based NGO. We have made our creative contribution to help them raise funds to install solar power plants at Gurukul (housing 200 above old and disabled  people).Recently we have helped Gurukul to run the Rs.1000 Campaign-An event for CHANGE ! The solar power plant installed with the funds thus collected, would avail warm water and electricity for the Gurukul residents. Apart from that we have taken the endeavour to make a small contribution in cash for making the campaign a success.For though we believe money can’t buy happiness directly,it can definitely douse the effects of chill penury and bring comfort to the old worn-out bones. We are sharing warmth this season for a better and a greater cause and we welcome you to join us too.